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Paysend Discount Club

a win-win platform for all participants.
Marketing platform for businesses located worldwide and a source of the best prices for Paysend Community. Business owners get reputable marketing facility, Buyers get discounts.
Simple as it is.
For discount provider/publisher
8 million Paysend users will know about your business and service. Any kind of business, be it a big factory or a small family enterprise, accommodation for rent or any kind of of services, courses, handcraft, yoga lessons .. any kind of business that requires online promotion and ready provide a marketing discount for Paysend community.
1 year ad campaign will cost you only USD 11.95
You get a link to your business on our portal with all contact details, social media links, you get promotion in our IG, FB pages and have exposure to 8 million customers worldwide.
For those who want to get a discount
The service is forever free.
To use or activate a discount check the ter
ms of the publisher - it can be a coupon code that should be activated on discount provider's site or a simple mentioning of Paysend Discount Club listing to get it.
Various categories of discount offers worldwide


Paysend Discount Club accommodation providers grant you discounts for vacation rentals: hotels, hostels, villas, homestays.

Discount in restaurants

Paysend Discount Club partners provide you a discount in selected restaurants, cafes.

Worldwide excursions

Get the best prices for sightseeing tours, explore new cities at discount.


Check the offers, be lucky to get what you want at discounted price.

Professional Services

Check the offers, be lucky to get the service you need at the best price.

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